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Mr. Kevin Blattner

Mr. Kevin Blattner is currently a graduate student working in the labs of Dr. Daniel Canney and Dr. Benjamin E. Blass. Prior to pursing graduate studies at Temple University, he received dual bachelor of science degrees in chemistry and biochemistry at Widener University in 2013. He is currently involved in two projects focusing on the therapeutic utility of a novel series of piperazinyl-buyrolactones. Compounds within this class have shown promise as potential therapeutics for inflammatory bowel disease (via the 5-HT7 receptor) and Alzheimer’s disease (via the sigma 2 receptor). The bulk of his work involves the synthesis of next generation compounds in order to develop key structure activity relationships that can be used to optimize the potency, selectivity and physiochemical properties of future analogs. The ultimate goal of these projects is to develop clinical candidates for the treatment of their respective disease states.

Temple University

Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research

Temple University School of Pharmacy
3307 N Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140