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Ms. Mercy Ramanjulu

Mercy obtained a Masters in Organic Chemistry from Bryn Mawr College (1992) working with Professor Frank B Mallory.  Mercy started her career at Fox Chase Center working in the area of Fluorinated Carbohydrates in 1991. After successfully synthesizing a novel fluorinated carbohydrate as a synthetic probe she joined Rhone-Poulenc Rorer as Associate Scientist working in the area of inflammation.  Her work contributed in discovering orally active PDE4- inhibitors.

 Mercy interest in applying medicinal chemistry to new technology for accelerated drug discovery led her to combinatorial chemistry group at Dupont-Merck in 1997.  Her work included synthesizing 1000 compounds in a period of two months on solid phase.  She applied her experience in combinatorial chemistry to parallel synthesis in medicinal chemistry.  Her work in the area of Alzheimer’s resulted in a presentation by Olson R, at National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium and National ACS Meeting.

Mercy extensive experience in medicinal and combinatorial chemistry led her to join Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in 2003.  She joined Exploratory Chemistry Group led by Dr. Magid Abou Gharbia and John Ellingboe.  She was successful in synthesizing novel and active compounds for drug discovery programs and contributed to transition of four programs.

Temple University
Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research

Temple University School of Pharmacy
3307 N Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140