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Dr. Marlene A Jacobson Publications

Dr. Marlene A Jacobson

Selected Publications and Presentations:

1. Jacobson, M.A., Kreatsoulas, C., O'Brien, J.A., Pascarella, D.M. and C. Sur, The M1 muscarinic receptor allosteric agonist AC-42 and TBPB bind to a unique site from the acetylcholine orthosteric site, (2010) Molecular Pharmacology 78:648-657.

2. Garbaccio, R.M., Brnardic, E.J., Fraley, M.E., Hartman, G.D., Hutson, P.H.O'Brien, J.A., Magliaro, B. C., Uslaner, J.M., Huszar, S.L., Fillgrove, K.L, Small, J.H., Tang, C., Kuo, Y. and Jacobson, M.A., Tert-Butylphenoxy Oxazolobenzimidazoles: Discovery and Lead Optimization of Selective Positive Allosteric Modulators for the Metabotropic Glutamate 2 Receptor, (2010) ACS Med Chem Letters 20:3129-3133.

3. Brnardic,E.J., Fraley ,M.E., Garbaccio, R.M., Layton, M.E., Sanders, J.M., Culberson, C., Jacobson, M.A., Magliaro, B.C., Hutson, P.H., O'Brien, J.A., Huszar, S.L., Uslaner, J.M., Fillgrove, K.L., Tang, C., Kuo, Y., Sur, S.M., and Hartman, G.D. 3-Aryl-5-phenoxymethyl-1,3-oxazolidin-2-ones as Positive Allosteric Modulators of mGluR2 for the Treatment of Schizophrenia: Hit-to-Lead Efforts, (2010) Bio.Med. Chem. Lett. 20: 3129-3133.

4. Uslaner, J.M., Parmentier-Batteur, S., Flick, R.B., Surles, N.O., Lam, J.S.H., McNaughton, C.H., Jacobson, M.A. and Hutson, P.H. Dose-dependent effect of CDPPB, the mGluR5 positive allosteric modulator, on recognition memory is associated with GluR1 and CREB phosphorylation in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus (2009) Neuropharmacology 57:531-538.

5. Ma, L., Seager,M., Wittmann , M., Bickel, D., Burno, M., Jones, K., Kuzmick-Graufelds, V., Xu.G., Pearson,M., McCampbell, A., Gaspar,R., Shughrue,P., Danziger,A., Regan,C., Garson,S., Doran, S., Kreatsoulas,C., Veng,L., Lindsley,C., Shipe,W., Kuduk,S., Jacobson, M., Sur,C., Kinney,G., Seabrook,G., Ray,W. Selective activation of the M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor achieved by allosteric potentiation (2009) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 106 :15950-15955.

6. Wolkenberg, S.E., Zhao, Z., Wisnoski, D.D., Leister, W.H., O'Brien, J.A., Lemaire, W., Williams, D.L., Jacobson, M.A., Sur, C., Kinney, G.G., Pettibone, D.J., Tiller, P.R., Smith, S., Gibson, C., Ma, B.K., Polsky-Fisher, S.L., Lindsley, C,W. and Hartman, G.D. Discovery of GlyT1 inhibitors with improved pharmacokinetic properties (2009) Biorg.and Med. Chem Lett. 19:1492-1495.

7. Zhao,Z., Leister, W.H., O'Brien,J.A., Leimare, W., Williams, D.L., Jacobson, M.A., Sur, C., Kinney, G.G., Pettibone, D.J., Tiller, P.R., Smith, S., Hartman, G.D., Lindsley. C.W. and Wolkenberg, S.E. Discovery of N-{[1-propylsulfony;]-4-pyridin-2-ylpiperidin-4-yl}methyl}-benzamides as novel, selective and potent GlyT1 inhibitors (2009) Biorg.and Med. Chem Lett. 19:1488-1491.

8. Smith, S.M., Uslaner, J.M., Yao, L., Mullins, C.M., McNaughton, C.H., Huszar, S.L., Pascarella, D.M., Kandebo, M, Hinchliffe, R.M., Sparey, T.J., Jones, B., Brandon, N.J., Venkatraman, S, Young, S, Sachs, N.A., Jacobson, M.A. and Hutson, P.H. The behavioral and neurochemical effects of a novel D-amino acid oxidase inhibitor (pyrrole carboxylic acid, compound 8) and D-serine. (2009) JPET 328:921-930.

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