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PET and SPECT Imaging Agents

The two-year goal of this initiative is to establish a center for the design and synthesis of PET and SPECT tracers that will support internal and external collaborators, generate intellectual property, provide revenue through contractual services and seek extramural funding to sustain and expand the center. The establishment of cyclotron and small animal imaging facilities is an extremely costly undertaking and is beyond the scope of this funding opportunity. Initially, we will obtain those resources through collaboration or contractual agreement with established organizations. However, successful results with the two year initiative will provide preliminary data that can be used to seek extramural funding for the establishment of dedicated cyclotron and imaging facilities. The inaugural project will serve as a model for establishing the scientific process, expertise and external collaborations needed to build a successful PET/SPECT program.  This program was funded by a generous grant from the Pennsylvania Tobacco Fund.

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